Some fun in the garden!

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Garden arrangement featuring pink and green coleus, northern sea oats, red hanging amaranthus, saraceana, ostrich fern, antique hydrangea, raspberry dahlias, black pearl pepper, purple hyacinth bean pods, seedum and persicaria.

Inspired by the ever talented Jennie Love of Love N’ Fresh, I decided to try growing a cutting garden this year. I was a little disappointed that a lot of my plants didn’t take off, but was reassured it wasn’t me when Jennie told me it was a difficult year because of all the rain. But what did take off was my coleus and fern! (I LOVE FERN.) So when I had to put together an arrangement for The Manor House at Prophecy Creek’s Open House I decided to dive into my garden and this has to be one of my favorite arrangements of all time! Thank you, Jennie for being such an inspiration!


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